GG Shinn
You Can Never Keep A Good Man Down
SONO 1051
GG Shinn is THE MAN! There are musicians and there are entertainers.  But, it is a true phenomenon when a really great musician is a great entertainer. The singer, the horn player, the dynamic stage persona never fails to have GG s audiences begging for more. On this album, he reaches down deep, pulling his audience with him to the very soul of his music, where heart and sound collide.
In 1963, he joined “The Boogie Kings : and his professional career began.  From that time on, GG s performances with the great “Boogie Kings  became musical history.  Their album recorded in 1965 is now a collector s item.
In 1966, GG formed his band, “The Rollercoasters,  the rave of the ‘60 s and ‘70 s, and recorded two R&B albums.
In Los Angeles, GG recorded with the group “Chase.  The album competed for a Grammy and GG s reputation as a great musician grew as he toured internationally with “Chase. 
Currently, GG owns nightclubs in Lake Charles and Monroe, Louisiana-both appropriately named “GG s Club.   He personally manages the bands and performs on a regular basis at both clubs.  This album features GG at his peak, a fully matured singer, doing songs that can be enjoyed over and over again.
He s A Legend!
That is the normal answer to the question: Who is GG Shinn?
From his years with the Louisiana Hall of Fame group: “The Boogie Kings  to his hit recordings with the group “Chase  to his brilliant work with the “Roller Coasters  and the “Fabulous Chicken Hawks  GG has proven a masterful performer!
The title “You Can Never Keep A Good Man Down  belies the fact that GG is never down!  His talent and personality have kept him “Up  throughout his forty-year career.
As one of his fellow musicians put it: “With GG, there is always another ‘bullet  in the gun! 
Lead Vocals: G.G. Shinn
Drums: Harry Ravain
Bass: Robert Wilson  (#4: Allen Arthur)
Piano: Al Farrell
Lead Guitar: Allen “Alpo  Poche
Rhythm Guitar: Harry Ravain (#4: Scott Thomas)
Saxes: Jerry Jumonville
Trumpets: Ruel Pate & Allen Linker. (# 7 solo: G.G. Shinn)
  Boca  trombone solo on “Someone, Somewhere. 
Percussion: Dave Carboni; Benny Grunch; Lenny McDaniel; Johnny Vindigni
Background vocals: Dave Carboni, Lenny McDaniel, Johnny Vindigni
Background vocals: Song # 13: Al Farrell & Harry Ravain & J. Monque D
1. Someone, Somewhere
2. Just Like A Woman
3. Home At Last (My Little Girl)
4. She s A Big Fat Woman
5. Two Steps From The Blues
6. Never Keep A Good Man Down
7. Sashay
8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
9. Leave My Kitten Alone
10. You Hurt Me
11. Certain Kind Of Something
12. Heartbreak
13. High Blood Pressure
14. Baby Please