New Orleans Boogie 
Stevie Franco" Mister Boogieman"
SONO 1043
The Songs:
1. Route 66
2. Night Train
3. Watermelon Man
4. Beatles Medley
5. Anatole6. Take The A Train
7. Strait Eights
8. Tequilla
9. Autumn Leaves
10. Two Minute Boogie                     
11. How High The Moon
12. Moslo Blues
13. New Orleans Boogie
14. All Along the Watch Tower         
15. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
16. Slomo Blues
17. Johnny B. Goode
The Players:
Piano: Stevie Franco"Mister Boogieman"
Synthesizer on New Orleans Boogie: Davell Crawford.
Tracks 14-17
Drums: Alvin “"Lee Lee”" Alcorn
Bass: David Lee Watson
All music came from New Orleans, that is what Ernie Kadoe has said, and we know that Mr. Mother-in-Law would not steer us wrong!  So, when he wanted to get to the source of the music, Mr. Boogieman came to the Big Easy, the Crescent City, the Home of the Blues: New Orleans!  After taking over the piano and the audiences at Margaritaville, Tipitina's and the Maple Leaf, Mr. Boogieman recorded some really hot piano at Sound Of New Orleans studios.  The first 13 songs on this album are just Stevie Franco.  On “"New Orleans Boogie,”" he had the able assisstance of Davell Crawford.  In New Orleans, everyone knows Davell as the piano/vocal whiz kid, who is also the grandson of James "Sugar Boy”" Crawford. Sugar Boy wrote the original "Iko Iko”" as "Jockomo”" and is still a strong performer.  Davell is more than living up to the family reputation.  He has joined Gospel, Jazz and R&B into an exciting style.  Stevie Franco had heard Davell play the WWOZ Piano Night at Titpitina's in 1995 and asked Davell to sit-in on the session.  Davell and Stevie spent little time talking, but the communication is evident when you listen to "New Orleans Boogie!”"  This is a fine example of what happens when two musicians meet.  Each from different ethnic backgrounds, age, but with the same ability to create great music!
The variety of songs on this album will take the listener through many styles, but always with the spirit that Mr. Boogieman has in great supply.  In order to really appreciate the music and the digital recording quality, the listener should turn up the volume, fondle a glass of good wine, relax and let the mind wander through all the images brought about by the interesting choices of material.  This album reflects the type of performance that you are likely to get from Mr. Boogieman at one his concerts in many cities throughout the world.
The last four songs are recorded with the help of two very fine New Orleans musicians.  David Lee Watson on bass and Alvin “"Lee Lee”" Alcorn on drums.  Again, listen to the precision playing done by three musicians who had never played together before the session!  They say anything can happen in New Orleans, and these four songs are a great example of the musical magic that can occur when good musicians are given the freedom to play what they feel.  The choice of songs for the group set was interesting, starting with Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix, through Joe Zawinul, to an original blues on the way to Chuck Berry.